Movico offers a full range of services to enable customers to monetize their content.
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Movico is a leading provider of online video solutions to media and entertainment industry; enterprises looking to exploit their video assets through online platforms; and consumers looking to share their family and fun videos with their social and professional networks.

Movico offers a range of online video management and publishing solutions:

  • MovicoVideos – a cloud powered video sharing service for enterprises and consumers
  • MovicoStockFootage – an eCommerce enabled online platform for trading video stock footage with global buyers
  • MovicoWebTV – a web based TV channel with its own program scheduler and advertising framework
  • MovicoMobileTV – a solution for streaming Live TV and VOD to mobile phones
  • Custom online video solutions


Movico has its own software frameworks for stock portals, video-on-demand, WebTV players and video management application. These include:

MediaBaron: Next generation video management software based on internet architecture and streaming technologies. Used by video content owners to manage their digital video libraries and publish the video assets to the web.

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MovicoVideos (currently in controlled Beta) - a cloud-hosted video management service that aggregates storage, application hosting, streaming services under a state-of-the-art user interface and modules for video upload, catalog, editing, trans-code and publish.

The service is one of the first of its kind to provide value-added benefits over simple storage, server hosting and compile all the tools required to manage videos, extract and compile videos online and publish and track analytics. It is offered as a subscription service to consumers, enterprises and specialist media companies. It is also offered as white label engine for enterprises wanting to setup private cloud infrastructure.

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MovicoStockFootage (launched) – a stock footage trading platform similar to leading international operations. Full catalog, preview, keyword, streaming support; eCommerce engine support and file delivery integration.

MovicoStockFootage is a destination portal for content owners to sell their content. It is also offered to content owners looking to setup their own stock footage or VOD portals.

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MovicoWebTV – A futuristic prototype showcasing a web-based TV channel engine.

Content owners can setup their own web-based channels, build geography specific schedules, integrate with ad networks and ad servers and build new consumers over web and mobile connections.

Supports both schedules programming as well as VOD.

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MovicoMobileTV – a solution to bring live TV and VOD to mobile platforms. Online trans-coding of content optimizes experience for the mobile user. A smart client application (for Android, iPhone) provides a much higher level of experience than existing mobile TV solutions.

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