Movico introduces the simplest way to get your video to the Web is one the simplest and easiest ways to get your video library published to internet and join the online video economy.

As a content owner you can host your videos on our portal and authorize us to market via digital channels on your behalf. All revenues will be shared with you as per the revenue share agreement. You don’t have to spend anything on digitization, web portal design, development and marketing, hosting and production. At, we take care of the entire video handling processes – e.g. encoding, tagging, capture, clipping, uploading, hosting, streaming, watermarking etc. is being promoted to global content producers, channels, service providers, through various marcom tools e.g. emails, web, exhibitions/roadshows, advertising and others. This will help your content get noticed and sold.

We have a range of options to help you choose the right content partnership plan for your needs. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss content partnerships.