We are the specialist in new media domain, particularly in videos. We are passionate about online video and believe that all video should be searchable, accessible and transactional. This is the core mission at Movico.


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WHO We Are

Movico Technologies Private Limited was set up in August 2007 by its founders with the passionately held belief that demand for video content over web and mobile platforms will only increase over time and there will be opportunities to build a large scalable business around a large video inventory that is cataloged, searchable, hyper-tagged and provided to the consumer via a variety of online applications and devices.

Movico strongly believes that once video assets are made online and enabled for search via scene-based-tagging, users will have a new level of experience with video content.

Movico’s vision is to create the next level of video consumption experience thru our innovative solutions.

We believe that content owners are sitting on valuable video assets that can be shared and distributed via on-line ad-supported models; via stock footage trade, video-on-demand and downloads, mobile video services and feeds to iptv, dth and other on-demand platforms.

Movico’s mission is to help content owners manage, publish and monetize their video assets.


We are a group of senior professionals that have come together to build a company that will provide leadership in online video and new media domain. We will build new applications, integrate technologies, explore new business models and help drive new revenue generation for content owners via video & mobile platforms.


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