Movico WebTV is an innovative web-application that mimics a TV station for the web.
Movico Web Tv


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When we switch on the TV, it always has a program playing. However, VOD applications require a user to find and select an asset before playback stops. Movico WebTV is targeted to provide TV-like viewing experience to viewers.

A traditional TV channel (satellite or cable) has a daily/weekly/monthly schedule of programming interspersed with Ads, promos and adorned with tickers, blurbs, logos etc. The programming can be live or pre-recorded.

Similarly, Movico WebTV uses a daily/monthly schedule of programming to display a running video when the viewer logs-in to the application. The program can be pre-recorded (stored on the server) or live (streamed from location). You can serve ads if you want the portal to be ad-supported or keep it ad-free for subscription based model.

Movico WebTV is a suite of applications that supports web-based TV channel creation. This includes player, video-on-demand engine, social media interfaces, commenting and rating widgets and production side tools – program scheduler, ad scheduler, live events adapter etc.

Movico WebTV is a powerful new way to build a community over the web. If you have a niche content targeted to a niche audience worldwide, Movico WebTV offers the lowest cost solution to get your content in front of the target audience. As the web proliferates and people access more content on web than TV, WebTV shall become a powerful new media.

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